October 04, 2011

Maybe an interview with Chief Druid David Loxley?

Just in  the first days of October, Steve Pank has sent me the photo below, portraying David Loxley (Chief Druid) during the druid ceremony of the Spring equinox in Tower Hill (London) on 2010. Just behind him Carolyn Looker, Glen Sweeney's missus.
As you know, David Loxley was very close to the TEB from the beginning, involved with Druids and drawing TEB's first concert posters.

Thank to Steve, maybe one day we'll have an interview with him about that years and the band's connections with the Druids...

                                                                                                                                            Steve Pank ©2010 

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  1. David Loxley was married to Romy Fraser CEO of Nealsyard Remedies.I have great stories about those days, oh yes!
    Stuart Kennedy.