October 03, 2011

Third Ear Band being almost reincarnated...

ChrispH, musician of Norwegian avant-garde band Famlende Forsok, has answered me about the file  published  in this archive some weeks ago at the page http://ghettoraga.blogspot.com/2011/08/norwegian-band-famlende-forsok-quoted.html

I think maybe even our latest project also has references to TEB. We are about to finish an album as a result of three concerts we held during the last three years loosely based on drones/electronics/acoustics/poetry. I think this live piece also proves this to be a bit influenced to TEB in bringing "the oriental" into experimental western (unscholared "rock") music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klf-x0X745w Sound quality is a bit poor. Plain old video recorder I guess. ChrispH (playing that lously Akai pseudo-shenai)".

Watch and listen to the track below: after three minutes of  electronic carpet, infact, TEB seems almost to be reincarnated here & now!

                                           Famlende Forsok live October 1oth, 2009

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