July 09, 2010

Who's that man on the left side of the backstage?

One of the sad misfortunes of TEB's fans is that apparently there's no footages of the original Band around, except for that 1970 German TV video with a crap version of "Hyde Park Raga" (so the man on the congas was definitely Ben Cartland...) and the prestigious cameo in Polanski's "Macbeth".
Through this archive I'm trying to make some researches on it, contacting film makers and TV archivists just to verify if some shoots of TEB exist somewhere. I hope to have some good news for you soon.

For the time being, watching the modest DVD "Blind Faith - London Hyde Park 1969", edited by Sactuary Records in 2006 (the concert is about 40'), I have discovered by accident a well-known man on the left side of the backstage with an incredibly  sharp expression of disgust on his face: who is him?

This little discovery (as everyone knows, TEB was the opening act at that event...) seems to confirm that Third Ear Band music - in Glen Sweeney's head - was a really alternative musical project, forced to cohabit with the contemporary pop/rock scene.

no©2010 Luca Ferrari


  1. Hi Lucca!
    How did you find this information?

  2. Just (re) watching the DVD. Not ever Carolyn knew it!