July 24, 2010

Some quotations on the Third Ear Band and the Giant Sun Trolley in the last Barry Miles' book.

In a chapter dedicated to the glorious UFO Club, on the last Barry Miles' book titled "London Calling"  (Atlantic Books, 468pp for £25) are included some references to the TEB and the Giant Sun Trolley. 

The dean of the English underground journalists, founder of the legendary Indica Bookshop in the Sixties, in this extensive "countercultural history of London since 1945" quotes TEB an GST with excerpts from Dave Tomlin's "Tales from the Embassy" book and from the old "Gandalf's Garden" 1969 Glen Sweeney's interview. 
Even if the informations reported in the book are by now well-known, these inclusions sound as a definitive acknowledgment of the (how little?) role of Sweeney and Tomlin in the English underground history...

no©2010 Luca Ferrari

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