July 27, 2010

First TEB ad on a magazine.

The first TEB ad on a magazine it was probably that published by "Albion" on May 1969, the same month when "Alchemy" was realised.

It was designed on b/w by Glen Sweeney, inspired by classical icon of the Buddha meditating, later modified and included as a sticker in the first album cover (see here on the left).

"Albion" magazine was  directed by Steve Pank - at that time promoter and driver of the group - consisting of stuffs about meditations, alternative arts, underground cultures.
Between the contributors also David Loxley, who designed the cover of "Alchemy".

Front cover of the magazine (Steve Pank archive).

Back cover designed by David Loxley (S. Pank archive).

The TEB ad designed by Glen Sweeney (S. Pank archive).

no©2010 Luca Ferrari

Some representations of Buddha meditating

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