June 19, 2019

"The Magus" new vinyl edition out soon!

Tiger Bay will release on June 21th, 2019 a brand new edition of TEB's  1972 album "The Magus" in a gatefold vinyl edition (as TB0006430) for € 27.00
This is the label press release:

"Recorded in 1972, but not released til' 30 years later, this magnificent 'missing album' by the free-thinking UK psych-prog band is now available on 180-GRAM VINYL, packaged in a gatefold sleeve. Sounding like an east-meets-west kind of affair, this spiritual work includes early electronic experiments and vocals."

Tiger Bay is "a label specialised in luxury and limited edition releases on vinyl. Focusing on progressive, experimental, psychedelic and jazz-rock, TIGER BAY’s releases include both out-of-print reissues and rare or unreleased material works by artists that contribute to expanding these genres through the years. TIGER BAY works closely with artists and labels to realise high-quality licensed vinyl, with re-mastered sound, and finely designed artworks."

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