June 17, 2019

Denim Bridges' lyrics for "Hyde Park"!

Our friend Denny Bridges sent me the original lyrics used for "Hyde Park" singing. 
He wrote me this: "Here are the lyrics to my song "In A Man" that we're used for "Hyde Park". Subject to the comments below you can reprint them as long as you clearly credit "Lyrics by Denny Bridges". 
It is clear from my garbled vocal performances of "Hyde Park" that I didn't know the lyrics that well, but in my defense the original idea was for there to be no words just sounds. I couldn't manage that so I had to use words. You will also notice extra lyrics that I have put into parenthesis (). 
In the original song there was a chromatic chord change into that section and TEB didn't do chromatic chord changes, so that section was cut. It is noticeable in both recordings that I forgot that and went for the change and no one else did. Oh well."

In A Man

We can live without fear
We can look to make our peace
(Given time so we can know
How to be certain as we grow)
Like a child's sign of truth in a man

All our fortunes can be real
If our handling of them seem
(Starting wrong. But in the end
Firm resolve that still can bend)
Like a child's sign of strength in a man

Can't deny we know the way
But the few still lead astray
(The masses following as one
But some lone voices sound alarms)
Like a child's sign of love in a man

There's a story, it's always told
About today but still it's old
(It relates what we have done
Nothing learned from what was shown)
Of a child's sign of love in a man
(lyrics by Denim Bridges)

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