November 27, 2018

Errata corrige, my apologies...

Dear Third Ear Band readers,
the recent wonderful 3 CDs remastered edition with the original "Elements" album shows a big, incredible misunderstanding: on side One, the track n. 6 is not "The Sea" ("Fire") as printed on the cover but actually "Water".
This rough error was due to the fact I couldn't listen to the unrealised tracks and Cherry Red told me just that title because it was printed on the original reel box.

For the future, I asked them to let me listen to all the unrealised tracks before to write the booklet. In fact, for "Macbeth" Cherry Red firstly told me the unrealised tracks was five: three from a studio session at Trident Studios recorded in December 1970 and two from a radio programme recorded in January 1972 by a 'strange' line-up including Buckmaster, Bridges, House and Pavli.
Just listening to the tracks I realized the radio programme was older because all the instruments were acoustic and I identified Ursula Smith's violin and probably a viola played by Richard Coff. Also, the tunes were three and not two as stated.
Thus I suggested to cut the tracks off for using them on the remastered edition of "Alchemy"...
So I'm sorry for this naff mistake but it's not my fault...

no©2018 Luca Chino Ferrari (unless you intend to make a profit. In which case, ask first)


  1. Hi Luca! The fact that we are going to get to hear this at all is a miracle in itself!One error is not going to spoil it for me.Are you going to tell us how you finally got all these tracks together?

  2. Thank you for your kind understanding. Frankly, the things was very simple: Cherry Red got the rights of the old TEB EMI-Harvest catalogue, and because I helped them for getting a contact with the members and the estate of Sweeney and Minns, they asked me to edit the new remastered editions. Of course they have a facilitation with EMI and Abbey Roads (and other recording studios)in order to check in the vaults and produce everything left, so we could discover many treasures still laying there... For "Macbeth" will be just only three unrealised tracks, but for "Alchemy" (scheduled for February/March) will be much more...