November 17, 2018

"Macbeth" scheduled with three unrealized tracks!

Just finished writing the booklet of new TEB remastered CD, no dates of publication yet.
Here below you can read the official schedule of Esoteric Recordings about "Macbeth" soundtrack with three unrealized tracks in, the definitive edition... 
Working on the text I've been so lucky to listen to the tracks and, apart from the great sound quality, they sound fantastic! 
So, dear TEB aficionados, stay tuned! 

"Music From Macbeth" track listing
THIRD EAR BAND: “Music from Macbeth”
Released as Harvest SHSP 4019 in March 1972
  1. Overture
  2. The Beach
  3. Inverness: Macbeth's Return / The Preparation / Fanfare / Duncan's Arrival
  4. The Banquet
  5. Dagger and Death
  6. At the Well / The Princes' Escape / Coronation / Come Sealing Night
  7. Court Dance
  8. Fleance
  9. Groom’s Dance
  10. Bear Baiting
  11. Ambush / Banquo’s Ghost
  12. Going to Bed / Blind Man's Buff / Requiscant / Sere and Yellow Leaf
  13. The Cauldron
  14. Prophecies
  15. Wicca Way

Previously unreleased bonus tracks:
  1. Court Dance (first version)
  2. Groom’s Dance (first version)
  3. Fleance (first version)
Recorded and mixed at Trident studios, London – 5th December 1970
Previously unreleased

Music from Macbeth:

Third Ear Band

Paul Minns Oboe and Recorder
Glen Sweeney Drums
Paul Buckmaster Cello and Bass Guitar
Simon House Violin and VCS 3
Denim Bridges Guitars

Produced by Andrew King and Third Ear Band for Blackhill Enterprises Ltd.
Recorded at AIR Studios, London
Engineered by Dave Harries

All compositions written by Denim Bridges, Glen Sweeney, Paul Minns and Paul Buckmaster

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