December 29, 2017

Born in Canterbury...? Where the Third Ear Band actually was from...

One of the more die-hard fakes about the TEB circulating on the Web and on some magazines/books is that the Our Band was born in Canterbury.
Actually the TEB was from Ladbroke Grove, North-West London.
There, Glen Sweeney moved his first steps, and there the band got the very first regular gigs in places as the Ladbroke Hotel or at the Safari Tent Caribbean store (207, Westbourne Park Road) where they played "cosmic ragas".
Their photo session for the "Alchemy" cover (read here, here and here) was at the nearby Kensall Green cemetery and at Portobello Glen knew Carolyn where they had a daily job. 
An interesting piece about the cultural turmoil of that area is Nigel Cross' essay published by "Ptolemaic Terrascope" in 2006 (read here).
You can watch below other old pictures of Ladbroke Grove area taken in 1965-1970, more or less the period when Glen Sweeney lived and played there...

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