December 07, 2017

The Thirds quoted on a Rough Guide to the "The Lord of the Rings"...

Weakness of the contemporary book market, the Third Ear Band is quoted on a 304 pages paperback "Rough Guide to 'The Lord of the Rings'", printed in 2003.
At page 276, inside a box about the "Gandalf's Garden" magazine run by Muz Murray, author Paul Simpson writes: 

"(...) Founded by Muz Murray, the group focused on the free spirits within London; but the word quickly  spread throughout Britain, the magazine becoming a bible for those who couldn't visit their spiritual base at the World's End, Chelsea. Printed on suitably psychedelic paper with equally abrasive-on-the-eye ink, the magazine was an instant cult success. Band reviews became a regular feature, with such oddly titled acts as Junior's Eyes, Soft Machine, The Third Ear Band and Quintessence all receiving the Gandalf treatment."

The box, titled "How Gandalf inspired a mystical commune in swinging Chelsea", is on the Internet HERE
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