January 03, 2018

Crap obituary on Paul Buckmaster by "Mojo" magazine last issue.

On "Mojo"'s last issue (# 291, February 2018), a boring magazine devoted to that proverbial 'good old music', dedicated to readers of 70-80 years old still crazy for Beatles/Rolling Stones/David Bowie/Jimi Hendrix music and related ephemeras, Ian Harrison's hasty obituary about 'our' Paul Buckmaster succeedees in  the difficult task to omit the relations between Paul and the Third Ear Band!

Among the albums arranged/produced by Buckmaster, Harrison quotes i.e a crap record as Grateful Dead's "Terrapin Station" but not "Music for Macbeth", a soundtrack Paul loved very much and he was proud of it, or his beautiful masterpiece "Chitinous" recorded by The Chitinous Ensemble in 1971.

But why be amazed of it? This is the standard nature and quality of contemporary rock journalism ("the World's Best Music magazine", "Mojo" defines itself...)  that from 2015 can miss to review Gonzo Multimedia's TEB albums (maybe because Gonzo didn't pay any fees for promotion or simply British sciovinism?!) and on the obituaries section of the magazine can write two full pages on the missing of Malcolm Young, AC/DC former guitarist...
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