June 12, 2017

Updates about Glen's book and TEB CDs...

Due a different planning of the catalogue (many records by Arthur Brown and Rick Wakeman!) and some misunderstandings with Gonzo, the new TEB live album will be available just from August 18th, 2017.
Recorded at Tuxedo Club, Piacenza, on January 14th, 1989, this is a great concert in a strange day-off tour date with a rare performance of Dave Tomlin's "Lark Rise" played by a wonderful line-up - Glen Sweeney (hand drums), Mick Carter (electric guitar & effects), Lyn Dobson (flute, sax) and Ursula Smith (violin).
For pre-order please go to Gonzo Website at  

The book
Now finished, it contains 25 poems, 3 manifestos, aphorisms, interviews with and about Glen Sweeney, memories of Paul Minns, Dave Tomlin, Steve Pank, Morgan Fisher, Clive Kingsley, Paul Buckmaster, Ben Meredith, Carolyn Looker, Andrew King, Linda Kattan...; posters, ads, photos, some of them from the family archive.
Cover and graphics by talented Martin Cook. The book is scheduled for September 2017.

Brain Waves
The reissue of the last Ma.So. album recorded in 1993, now deleted, will be available from September 2017. It will show a brand new booklet and one bonus-track.
For pre-order please go to Gonzo Website at  http://www.gonzomultimedia.co.uk/pre-orders.html.

Other projects/ideas around 
Gonzo intends to reissue that old 'strange' "Radio Session" CD made by Voiceprint in 2004 (21' only) enhanced with some live unrealised tracks. This CD is scheduled for next November.

Also, at the beginning of 2018 there's the idea to reissue the Hydrogen Jukebox CD "Prophecies" (now deleted, it seems the album circulated just in Italy...) with a brand new cover and  booklet. No unrealised tracks included, I guess. 

Another interesting project could be the publication of a full concert the band played in Mantua in February, 11th 1992, one of the last gigs ever played. An Italian TEB fan, friend of mine, Flavio Poltronieri recorded the concert and he's agreed to realise it...  

Still no news from Denim Bridges about the legendary Balham recording sessions (he's very busy with Reinassance on a worldwide tour), but I am optimistic about the chance to see it on CD one day...

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