June 05, 2017

New sighting of Richard Coff alive and well in Florida (USA).

Richard Coff is alive and well in Davie, Florida, where he lives since the Eighties. As we know he founded and runs a school there for teaching the famous Suzuki method for violin.
There's a Web site of the school at http://www.suzukiacademy.org/ where you can find very interesting things about its activities, and a technical essay written by Coff himself in 1998 titled "Suzuki Violin vs Traditional Violin—A Suzuki Violin Teacher’s View" (http://www.suzukiacademy.org/suzuki-violin-vs-traditional-violin/).
It's a very stimulating point of view by 'our' violinist related to a long-standing debate between different schools of thought.

A recent photo of Coff playing a violin is available at the Suzuki Association Web site where there's a section (https://suzukiassociation.org/people/richard-coff/) dedicated to him with some informations about his career.

Through my friend Steve Pank I've tried to involve him into the writing of the book about Glen Sweeney and the Third Ear Band, but he isn't interested to it...

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