May 29, 2017

Found lot of never seen ads about the Band!

After many years of absolute nothing, thanx the Net sometimes we find never seen before stuff about the TEB.
So, after the recent found of 5 unrealised photos by Ray Stevenson and the promo ads about TEB gig at the 1973 second edition of the Windsor Free Festival, here below you can see other extraordinary things related to the glorious past of Glen Sweeney and C.: handbill concert of the Giant Sun Trolley, TEB gigs ads, Blackhill Enterprises press releases...
Of course, all of this will be included in the chronological file at and

 Teathre Royal concert handbill (July 2nd, 1967) with last appearance of Dave Tomlin and the Giant Sun Trolley.
Isle of Wight Festival celebration 1970-1990.
OZ Magazine #22 with David Loxley snakes.

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  1. Also this one, kindly shared on facebook by Pink Floyd's fan Sean Wallis:

    1. Great stuff indeed! We had that concert listed on the Archive chronology page but not the 'visual proof' of it!
      Thanks again.

  2. ..and this one, kindly shared by Mick Pye:

    1. Thanks again Mirco With The C,
      very good.

  3. Luca, ti ha contattato poi il tipo della Esoteric Recordings...?

  4. Sì, l'ho già messo in contatto coi membri del gruppo.Si tratta della stessa proposta della Warner relativa al mercato inglese...