January 06, 2017

New book on Glen Sweeney almost ready!

Since the last October I'm editing with Carolyn Looker the book on Glen Sweeney's poems, lyrics, interviews, aphorisms, drawings, photos and the work is almost finished...A specific section wil have memories of Glen by some of his old friends and/or musicians who played with him as Dave Tomlin, Pete Brown, Paul Buckmaster, Lyn Dobson...

Carolyn has sent me lot of rare photos of Glen, taken in different moments of his life. One of them, in particular, shot in 1970, shows him and Carolyn with their close friend Celia Humphris, at the time singer of the fabulous Trees and wife of radio DJ Pete Drummond

Glen in Greece, 1978.

I'm very proud of this book, also because I've tried to collect all the main things written by (or about) Glen and it seems a very good tribute to his long unique career.
Also, I'm very glad the book will be printed by Gonzo Multimedia and all the design will be done by talent Martin Cook!

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  1. Quite interesting the Trees/Celia acquaintance fact...they were a CBS band on the Clearlight bandwagon with early Hawkwind and Skin Alley...but I suppose that also in Trees were black magic elements, may be remembered they were often mentioned as dark folk, as they used exotic cyclic harmonies in lead guitar and drums...who knows, it was the air of 1970 perhaps...

  2. Yes, I'm agreed with you...I'm trying to find her somewhere in France but I haven't a clue... Maybe you know how can I get her...