January 14, 2017

How Roberto Musci's "Mosaic" is going?

Asking Roberto Musci how his great tribute to the Third Ear Band is going, he replied me: "I haven't news about my record, but going around in the Internet I've read some good reviews on English and Japanese sites".
Here below there are some pages I've found:

http://www.blogfoolk.com/2016/12/roberto-musci-mosaic-tribute-to-third.html (in Italian)
http://www.waysidemusic.com/Music-Products/Third-Ear-Band-Roberto-Musci-Mosaic__25-USD-CD-HST411.aspx (in English)
http://www.thirdear.co.jp/SHOP/PYEUT008.html (in Japanese)
http://diskunion.net/progre/ct/detail/XATW-00140760 (In Japanese)

Roberto's tribute to Our Holy Band is one of the more intriguing and creative project I've ever listened to. Ghettoraga Archive is proud to have support this record since the very first stages of its creation process...

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