September 03, 2016

"Movements" on the Net around the Third Ear Band...

It's clear to me the Third Ear Band is an evergreen band! The evidence of it is that the Net is still interested into TEB's music and often bloggers/fans/ journalists dedicate pages to Our Alchemical Esoteric Band.
From the beginning of this year I like to advise some interesting stuff:

in Februry 2016 French Web site "Rythmes Croisés" wrote a review on "Exorcisms" at; then, Web site "Pound for Pound" published two inspired pieces in March 2016 on "Alchemy" and "Third Ear Band" at and at
showing is still possible to write personal ideas about the music,   despite the discouraging social networks' attitude just to post music, pictures and video without a word, ideas, opinions, analysis... (but, yes, "I like it"...).

Again in last March, on the strange "Mouser" site such "Isidis" wrote a very inspired thing about "Abelard & Heloise" soundtrack, a short personal speculation about love... ( ).
And what about the sale of  a "Third Ear Band - Collection of 4 x original issue LPs on EMI Harvest from this experimental rock" on the site "The Saleroom" of Warrington (Cheshire, UK) for an estimate price of 60-80 GPB (read here)?

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