September 18, 2016

Two TEB amazing rarities for Krazy Kollektors on ebay!

This week we have two  TEB amazing rarities on sale on ebay.
Starting bid at $ 9.99 (or buy now at $ 24.99) is an incredible funny 8-track cartridge cassette of "Alchemy" printed in U.S.A.  as  Capitol SXT-376.
You can check it out at
The bids will stop tomorrow...
Can you imagine someone driving a car with "Duid One" or "Ghetto Raga" playing on his stereo?

Also we have a white label promo copy of "Macbeth" soundtrack (with promo letter inside).
Seller Alan Watters wrote me an e-mail just to let me know it:

"Hi there Luca,
I thought I'd let you know I am selling my white label promo copy of Macbeth by the third ear band (with promo letter) on eBay. I have put a few pictures up so you and others can check it out. I have the price quite high on it as I'm reluctant to sell but offers are welcome. If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them.
Keep up the good work, all the best from Alex." 

Also his ad is at ebay Web site but I cannot find it...

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