April 17, 2013

Unknown 1991 Ursula Smith's collaboration revealed!

Discovering few days ago the interview with Ursula Smith (Pank) in this Archive (http://ghettoraga.blogspot.it/2011/07/life-takes-so-much-time-interview-with.html), English musician Ed Wenn writes: 

"It was great reading this interview with Ursula as it helped fill in her back story to a great extent. Ursula was kind enough to record some cello and a little violin on a couple of tracks for my band, Big Ray, back in 1991. I knew she had been in the Third Ear Band, but at the time knew little about them or her beyond the fact that she was an acquaintance of my ex-girlfriend's mother (who was herself a violin teacher). So, like I said, it's great to find out more :-) 

For the record, Ursula was very, very generous with her time and her talent and contributed some beautiful cello to our songs. Considering that we called her out of the blue and gave her almost no notice, it's astonishing she didn't tell us to go and take a hike. She's credited as Ursula Pank on the album. For the completists among you the details are here: http://www.discogs.com/Big-Ray-Naked/release/2446276".
The Big Ray

Ursula played violin and cello on three tracks of the album (titled "Naked" and published on CD and LP format by City Slang in 1992) - "Windfall", "Missing a train" and "Carousel" - that you can listen and download free at http://mp3twister.com/Big-Ray.html

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  1. The album can be heard here: https://big-ray.bandcamp.com/album/naked