April 24, 2013

Glen Sweeney's Hydrogean Jukebox and TEB's "Magic Music" reprinted in England.

After TEB's "Magic Music" reprinted last year for English indie label Floating World (with that Looker's awful cover), just at the beginning of 2013 Voiceprint has reprinted the Glen Sweeney's Hydrogen Jukebox album with the title "Songs from the Hydrogen Jukebox".  
Same song list and same Carolyn Looker's controversial cover...

Stewart Mason on cdUniverse Web site about the record:

"(...) The results sound a bit like a somewhat more song-oriented version of Angels Egg-era Gong: The groove is paramount, but in a structured format that, in spots, is recognizable as the kind of post-new wave/art-pop music that, say, Simple Minds was doing around the time of New Gold Dream. That connection to '80s pop is cemented in the album's last three songs, recorded by a reunited (and newly electronic) Third Ear Band in the early '90s and sounding like outtakes from Japan's later records, especially on the worldbeat-influenced "Behind the Pyramids." 

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