April 30, 2013

An old radio show with the TEB available in podcast.

"Hello Luca,
Don't know if you remember me but my name is Ed Wilkins, and I hosted a progressive rock show on Stroud FM in 2011. I did a show covering the Third Ear Band and we conversed over for a while but it kept not going out and we eventually lost touch. I ended up leaving the station not long afterwards and move on to other things.

The reason I am writing to you after so long is due to the fact that I recently decided to return to the station and this time also got a Listen Again page, so until I have more shows I have decided to put up some of my old ones - including the Third Ear Band show!

You can listen to all of my shows on here - I intend to play more Third Ear Band on later shows so you can keep an eye out for them!

The Third Ear Band show itself is this one:

I deeply apologize once again for the problems encountered the show and hope this makes up for it. It will remain on the page until I have more shows to put up (eight hour limit) but that won't be for a while yet and I can always re-upload it. Hope you are well.
All the best
Ed Wilkins".

So thanks a lot Ed for putting the Third Ear Band music on air again!

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