September 27, 2012

TEB French broadcast: the unseen cuts.

Here's a sequence of cuts from the broadcast that INAMediaPro hasn't included on the TEB concert available at INAfr.
The musicians (Kevin Ayers & the Whole World, Bridget St. John, the TEB and Edgar Broughton Band) come into the concert hall at the inn of Olympia Theatre in Paris (France).

                                                                         Paul Minns and Ursula Smith

                                                   Glen Sweeney, Bridget St. John and Richard Coff

                              Richard Coff and Edgar Broughton

                                                                                       Paul Minns on left

                                        Glen Sweeney on right

                                                               Bridget St. John and Richard Coff

                                                                         Kevin Ayers' concert starts

Inside the TV programme, after the Beatles playing "Let it Be" (from the original movie) and an excerpt from the Kevin Ayers' set on stage, just before TEB's "Hyde Park Raga", there's a short sequence in the backstage with the bands relaxing and smoking together...

                                                         Coff explaining Glen how to roll a cigarette (?!)

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  1. A visitor to my house recently looked through my CD shelf and was surprised to see more than the three old Third Ear Band albums they were aware of. They hadn't known of the Hydrogen Jukebox, nor yet the re-union era Italian albums, much less Abelard and Heloise and The Magus; they hadn't known of all the rarities that have emerged in recent years from The National Balkan Ensemble to the session material (ancient & modern) or the German DVD and the French TV footage.

    Time was, I was well content with my three Third Ear Band albums - old habits die hard: on cold Autumn mornings I always play Macbeth. Alchemy is special beyond measure - I only play it when in snows! Elements I play on stormy elemental evenings remembering the friends I never saw again after I first played it to them - Gong they could cope with, but the Third Ear Band was going too far.

    These days - God knows. I often find myself playing Brainwaves when I'm cooking. It's nothing special in the way the other albums are, but in is Glen - the heart and soul of the Tertius Auris; Shaman, Trickster and catalyst for some of the finest music I've ever heard. Hell, even The Magus has its moments of utter transcendence, and Druid Grocking on the German footage is one of the most astonishing things I've heard in my entire life.

    The core remains the pure Alchemy of the four elementals though, as revealed on the French film: Richard is Fire - he burns & blazes, relentless, hungrily consuming the silences whilst lighting the very dark & warming the bitter cold; Paul is Air - he blows as the rushing wind that moves the waves & sets the very trees a dancing; Glen is the Earth - the stone circle dragon-alignments that set pulse and pattern to both enrich and reveal the very chaos of nature; and Ursula is Water - she flows, she sparkles and she thunders in the depths of the unfathomable abyss. At least that's how I see it anyway.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention New Forecasts, featuring Ursula on Sybilic Violin by way of pure Revelation, as the best of it remains, eternally...

  2. Very inspired words, dear Sedayne! The relation between the Elements and TEB musicians is perfectly fitted! I think you're one of the few real spiritual heir of them.

  3. How did you get access to INAMediaPro?

  4. Go at this file in Ghettoraga Archive:
    and link to INAMediaPro...
    Thanks for your attention.