September 01, 2012

A new sensational retrieval: second part of the story of a rare 1970 TEB TV French broadcast hidden on the Web!!!

(Here's the second part of this new archaeological Web adventure  concerning the incredible retrival of a TEB rare broadcast - read the first part at

Miracle of the Net, Gérard Sayag of Inafr is the kind man that has helped me to reach the goal.
It's been him, approving my reasons to make the TEB video available "for the sake of the culture", to let me register at InaMediaPro and let me search the TEB broadcast discovering that... actually a broadcast exist!

Presented as "The THIRD EAR BAND interprets a piece of music "not Westerner" (vaguely oriental) with violin and oriental wind instrument", it's a 17:30 recording of the TEB in the legendary fabulous quartet (Sweeney, Minns, Coff and Smith) playing on May 1970 at the inn of Olympia (Paris) instrumental tracks "Hyde Park Raga" (7:01) and (I think - because, you know, sometimes it's not so easy to recognize the TEB tunes...) "Mosaic" (8:00).
An extraordinary sequence of  digitized images of the four musicians playing on stage at the apice of their interplay.
You can see below some shots I've excerpted from the broadcast, aired on May 28th, 1970 in "Pop Deux" French TV programme with the title of "Club evolution":

Unfortunately the broadcast is not available for downloading or for buying, but Gérard Sayag has promised me that very soon it will be available for free to everyone at the Inafr site ( as soon as possible I'll publish the right link here.
As you will certify, it is the best video performance known of the TEB, an essential document for the right comprehension of its exclusive parable. 

Thank you very much to Spirito Bono for having picked up the existence of this rare broadcast and, above all, Inafr/InaMediaPro staff (expecially Gérard Sayag) for having made possible this unexpected dream!

So, dear inveterate TEB fans, stay tuned here at the Ghetto Raga Archive!

no©2012 Luca Ferrari (unless you intend to make a profit. In which case, ask first)     


  1. Amazing! I'm looking forward to see it! Thanks, Luca :-)

  2. How splendid that such heavenly miracles still await us in this mortal realm... Amazing indeed!

    1. Yes Sedayne, it's a sort of miracle of the Web!
      Anyway in the next few hours I'll put on the archive the right link to watch the broadcast, even if I've realized INAfr wants that people pay for it...!
      But I'll be more accurate later...