October 05, 2012

Who knows the Extremities?

Alan Freeman (synths, keys, guitar, voice, loops, effects, whistle, percussion), Steve Freeman (bass, synths, loops, samples, turntable, voice, harmonica), Jim Tetlow (synths, loops, guitar, voice, percussion, toys, gadgets, pipes) and Dave Powell (hurdy gurdy, effects) are The Extremities.

They are an experimental/post-KrautRock/avantgarde/industrial band from Leicester (Midlands, UK) - born when Dave Powell joined-in the Endgame - with nine albums (on CD-R format) and a DVD recorded (http://www.myspace.com/extremitiesimprov).
About two tracks of their vaste repertoire they state they have been "definitely inspired by the Third Ear Band".
Listen to them and decide if they're right ...

                                  The Extremities - "Bite me" (2007)

                           The Extremities - "Balkan Ninja" (2002-2003)

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