August 31, 2012

A new sensational retrieval: story (in two parts) of a rare 1970 TEB TV French broadcast hidden on the Web!!!

Few days ago TEB fan and reader of this Archive Spirito Bono has written me about an important discover he made surfin' on the Web:

"TEB seems to have been featured on the french tv show Pop Deux on May, 28 1970 as stated here :

Descriptive Information
Ina Number: CPF86653646
Programme Title: KEVIN AYERS
Collection Title: POP DEUX
Credits: Blanc Francard, Patrice; Ayers, Kevin; Third Ear Band; Grumbach, Rémy; Dumay, Maurice
First broadcast Date: 28/05/1970
Running-time: 002930
Summary: Patrice BLANC FRANCARD presents this third edition (publishing) of the POP program (emission) 2.
- The BEATLES sings let it be (purchase).
- Clips (extracts) of Kevin AYERS's concert given to the Inn of the Olympia.
- Service (performance) scènique of THIRD EAR BAND.
Category Information
Type of Archive: non theme-based archive
Type of Collection: Production
Type of Documentary Note: Isolated note
Genre: Magazine
Themes: Variety shows
Production Information
Type of Production: Production propre
Broadcasting Information
First broadcast Date: 28/05/1970
Time of First Broadcast: 225200
Channel: 2nd channel
Channel Name: Office Radio Télévision France
Technical Information
Status of Equipment: digitised

Unfortunately, it is not available on
But maybe there's a way to ask for it if duly authorised :
"The service is intended for audiovisual professionals working on projects that incorporate Ina documents, and potential buyers or prescribers of operating rights. These professionals include: researchers, producers, journalists, authors, directors, broadcasters, programmers, and exhibition designers..."

So I have contacted the Inamedia site trying to register me with the aim to get the video, but they answered me this: 

"Dear Luca Ferrari, We are sorry to inform you that we cannot register you to use Inamediapro, as the website is reserved for professionals working in the audiovisual sector.
You may, however, register on our website designed for public use:
If you are a student, a researcher or teacher working on French radio and audiovisual heritage, and can show that your research project requires you to consult documents under French legal radio and television deposit, we would suggest you get in touch with Inathèque.
Best regards.
The Ina team "

Thus I've jumped to the site ( to register me and verify if that programme is available, but unfortunately it's not. Probably it's non available anymore or it's never been available...

Could I give up to it and risk to leave this treasure buried there?
Keep in touch and you'll see it in the second part of this new Web adventure...

(end of part one - to be continued)

no©2012 Luca Ferrari (unless you intend to make a profit. In which case, ask first)     

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