August 25, 2012

Again available for free download Roger Bunn's solo album!

Again available in the Net for free download (in the teeth of F.B.I.!) the great Roger Bunn's solo record "Piece of Mind" recorded in 1969 (Major Minor SMLP70, UK 1970). "A wonderful album", as famous DJ Pete Drummond said. "It's too musical and intelligent to succeed".

As everyone knows, Roger Bunn (1942-2005) was one of the three Giant Sun Trolley in 1966-1967, with founder Dave Tomlin and Glen Sweeney, but - as well documented at - he was much more: an intellectual, an agitator, a creative, original mind.
We like here to remember him.

                                                              One of the last photo of Roger Bunn.

You can download his record (in the good CD edition pubblished by Roller Coaster Records in 2005 with some bonus tracks) at the kaleidoscopic web site at:

Anyway, you can buy a copy of the CD at: 

                                                          Davey Graham and Roger Bunn live in 2000.

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