April 11, 2012

Denny Bridges updated.

Denny from his MySpace profile.
"Hello Luca, 
I still truly like the term 'fascinatingly old-fashioned' [note: I used this expression in one of my last e-mails to him to define his music...]. Next CD maybe. 
The days and then the years pass by so quickly. I have intended to do much and regretfully have achieved less than that intended. 
I look at the Archive from time to time. I saw (how would you describe what I saw?) references to "Fleance"'s Song. I' m not sure that these new folks have recorded a version but I wish I could hear it if they did. I did hear what the band from Bristol did some time ago. I tried to contact them through Reverbnation (I think) but no response. You may be interested to know that last night Paul Buckmaster and I spoke, by telephone, for 3 hours catching up on all things. Who knows what may develop. 
I am still working on locating enough material for a decent length CD. It must be somewhere. 
I regret that the 2011 Renaissance tour was limited to USA which seems to be what will happen this year. We can live in hope for Europe - one day. 
So, just to keep you a little informed but it is, regretfully, it is very little - for now. Finally, it's Denny not Danny (bottom if "Fleance" page). That is the scourge of my life. In America they always get it wrong. 
Denny Bridges".

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