April 07, 2012

Soon an interview with Carolyn Looker, Glen Sweeney's missus and TEB founder...

Some months ago I sent some questions to Carolyn because she hasn't got computers and e-mail. She has written down all the answers and given them to Steve Pank (TEB former driver and manager) when Steve went London from Norfolk for the Druidic Spring equinox meeting.
Just few days ago I've received a postcard from her where she tells me Steve will send me all the answers by e-mail.
So at last well have soon Carolyn's point of view about many old and obscure things related to the Third Ear Band...

Apart this interview (another important piece for the reconstruction of the TEB's e(pic)soteric story), you have to admit it's difficult to hold the interest for this archive because, you know, it’s about a band (apparently) dead and buried.
We need rare stuffs, photos, stories, memories, essays - all can be of interest for who was/is involved in this extraordinary story.
Otherwise this archive risks to be closed soon.

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