March 06, 2012

No TEB "Transcription Discs" in the BBC vaults!

"Hello Luca, 
congratulations to your TEB web archive! I have a comment/suggestion with regard to the BBC recordings: since here they say "Transcription Services" - has it been ever checked whether anything has been released on a BBC Transcription disc? 
Also, usually recordings for the Transcription Services were kept in a different archive by the BBC - and those things were not erased!!! 
Best regards,
Johann Haidenbauer"

So I've asked my friend Nigel Reeves from E.M.I. to have a contact with the BBC Transcription Service.
Very kindly he suggested me to contact Mr.  Simon Gurney there. On February 29th he has answered me:

"Hi Luca.
The man in charge of the Transcription discs here has checked and can confirm that none exist with the Third Ear Band on. You can safely say you have exhausted your search in this regard.
Best wishes,
So alas no TEB Transcription discs in the BBC vaults...

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