March 22, 2012

"A voice from the past"... A letter from ALLEN SAMUEL, TEB (80's) violin player.

"Dear Luca,
here's a voice from the past. I played violin with the Third Ear Band on a couple of visits to Italy in the 80's. Dave Tomlin has given me your address, saying you would like to get in touch. I'm a bit old fashioned, without computer or e-mail.

I'm living in Cornwall, still playing violin and exploring the magic world of music with various people here. Thank you for all the support you have given to the 3rd Ear Band, even now in  its memory.
I was something of a novice to such a musical environment, but I have a great love of free improvisation and all the challenges it brings.

The Third Ear Band was an experiment  in breaking the rules of decorum in music and in life, and produced some interesting music and some bad behaviour, as you probably noticed.
I'm still experimenting with all kind of music, some of it very mad, some  of it more enjoyable. You have to be in the right mood  for the mad stuff.

Anyway, I hope all is well with you. I shall be away for a few days, but  back before the end of the month.
Best wishes,
Allen Samuel."

(Written on 18-03-2012, this letter  could prelude to a proper interview with Samuel. So, if you've some questions to ask him, please contact me through my personal e-mail...)

TEB at the Vinci Museum: Allen Samuel is the first on left (photo by Lucia Baldini).

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