February 29, 2012

Dave Tomlin's new book out!

A new book written by Dave Tomlin is out just in those days.  
"Dave Tomlin’s comic parables encompass the grand and the petty, the mundane and the absurd", says Tim Arnett.
And Julia Gurney: "Dave Tomlin shines the spotlight on structures of power that often, ironically, turn out to be spectres of power.
Seriously funny: a thoughtful, provocative work".
While the laconic comment by Su Rose is:"Should be required reading for all kids". 

Read an excerpt of the book at the glorious "International Times" Web site:

To obtain a copy of the book (price £7), send a cheque to: 
Dave Tomlin - 1a, Princes Court, 68, Pilgrim’s Lane. NW3 1SP 

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