February 25, 2012

Glen Sweeney's compass found out...

Do you remember the Glen Sweeney's compass quoted by Dave Tomlin in a recent file of this archive about alchemy?

Dave had revealed that "Glen was very much drawn to the Alchemical myth. In fact a few years before he died he kept an ex-WWII torpedo-boat on a north London canal. Its name was 'ALCHEMY', he and Carolyn used to roar around the canals in it and everyone had to get out of the way; they were the terror of the waterways. I sometimes visited them on the boat and when Glen died she took the compass from the boat and gave it to me (this compass came from Glen Sweeney's boat Alchemy)...".

Today he has been so kind to send me two pictures of it, writing:  
"Spoked to the person who now has Glen's compass. The person who has it values it so much that he won't give it up but has sent me two photos of it (attached) you can magnify them. You might like to put it up on 3rd Ear site. This compass came from Glen Sweeney's powerboat 'Alchemy.' Kind regards. Dave"

So here they are for the curiosity & the pleasure of everyone:


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