May 22, 2011

Balham sessions'unrealised TEB tracks album postponed.

Asking by mail to Denim Bridges about some news on the projected new TEB album with the tracks from the Balham sessions (February 1971), this is his kind (& very interesting) answer:

"Hi Luca,
good to hear from you. I regret I have not been able to spend anytime on TEB. I have needed to concentrate on recording CDs for Fiona Frensche and promoting my album ("Go For Gold" by The Bevans) through iTunes, Amazon and Zunes:

You will hear better samples of the songs at

The samples are shortened versions of the whole song not just the first 30 secs.

I am going to be touring as the sound engineer for Renaissance this summer. There is talk of a tour of Italy next year. I hope to get time to dedicate to TEB in the autumn/ fall. 

I saw about the cover of "Fleance"'s song. I'd like to hear it. Glen and Paul hated that track because it didn't fit in with TEB concept. It was composed for the movie and it was composed by me alone. The words were provided to me so I, of course, just wrote the melody and chords. The turn around where I repeat the line as a sort of refrain was my trick that I often use(d) and using the minor chord was cool I think. The rest of the band improvised the arrangement in TEB style as best we could within the ridged structure. Anyway that song was the start of my demise with TEB as that's the way I wanted TEB to go. Finally a spelling correction - it's "Groom's Dance" not "Groam's Dance". 

My memory is going. As I said I was the 'songwriter' in TEB and we have ascertained the "Mistress To The Sun" had been lost. I am also confused regarding "I The Key". For me to have played it on Peel's show I must have written it but I don't remember it. But, I didn't remember the song from Hamburg until you showed me the video. When I get to a computer instead of my iPhone I might be able to access some links.

Anyway, I'll keep you informed.


no©2011 Luca Ferrari 


  1. I have a horrible nagging feeling that this isn't going to happen!Still, On the plus side
    Hyde park (Remastered)is available for download,Or you can watch for free on you tube!
    (Until Mr Lupines account is suspended for a 3rd time!)

  2. Thanks for the info about "Hyde Park", I've put the link in the section of TEB rare music by download (on the right)...