May 15, 2011

New album by Sweden Urf Ivarrson's Beat Under Control, "between European avant textures to late 60s hypno-drone alchemists the Third Ear Band...".

His second album has been published at the beginning of last April.  
Urf Ivarrson, a Sweden musician played with bands as the great Hedningarma, has a great "jazz/dub intense electro funk" album (a quotation from his record company) with some explicit reference to European avantgarde music and the Third Ear Band, recorded by his own band Beat Under Control.
Urf Ivarrson
As it's stated on his label's Web site Magnatune, "this philosophy is explored with often stunning results on Ulf's second Beat Under Control album, "Cosmic Repackage", a colossal aural menagerie of space-jazz brass themes and solo flights, subterranean pulses and dark-hued banks of strings which dart between European avant textures to late 60s hypno-drone alchemists the Third Ear Band... it's a heady brew, ranging from the nocturnal back alley jazz of neighbourterror blues to the intense freeform scattershots and coruscating atmospherics of "departure... if dub's shadow looms over the album, notably on tracks like the bottomless fizz-bombs of interruption, it steps out and flashes its glorious sonic stiffie on the alien skank of subversion dub, albeit lashed with dissonance and howling winds...". 

Tracks as "Cosmic Repackage" (7:22), "Departure" (1:53) or "Numb" (6:50) refer to the last Materiali Sonori TEB albums, expecially "Brain Waves", with that electronic jazz spacey avantgarde rock of Sweeney & Carter. An interesting exhaustive review is available at

You can listen to and buy "Cosmic Repackage" at

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