December 14, 2010

"Solstice Song", an unrealised live track from the Gorizia 1989 gig.

As stated in a recent file (read at, the Gorizia 1989 concert was one of the finest ever played by the TEB in Italy. You can listen to it on two (semi-legal) CD edited on  1996 ("Live", Voiceprint VP157CD) and 2001 ("Hymn to the Sphynx", Mooncrest Records B00005CC25 ). 
Quite strangely on both editions has been omitted a track, placed just in the middle of the set: "Solstice Song" (a track composed by the Sweeney, Carter, Black and Dobson and recorded at the Alchemical Studios  for the album "Magic Music", 7:03 long), a really wonderful tune .
Because Glen sent me a cassette of the concert, you can listen now to this rare live tune just download it at

The tape sent by Glen handwritten by him.
title: "Solstice Song"(15:16)
composed by: G. Sweeney, M. Carter, L. Dobson, N. Black
recorded by: Claudio Zanin
performed by:
Glen Sweeney - hand drums
Mick Carter - synth guitar
Lyn Dobson - flute, soprano, vocals
Neil Black - electric violin

As you can note, the original titles selected by Glen Sweeney for the gig was different from that published on the CDs. A typical way of the percussionist to joke with meanings and ideas of compositions... For example, when he introduced the track "Behind the Pyramids" he used to dedicate it to someone telling: "... but we don't know what he's doing behind it..."!

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