December 06, 2010

"Live Ghosts" at "All Frontiers", a beautiful Italian festival...

The important involvement at the great "All Frontiers" festival in Gorizia happened on November 24th, 1989, during the third Italian tour. Big TEB fan Tullio Angelini managed the festival through More Music, his cultural association - for him just a dream that became reality.
Gorizia is a sinister beautiful smalltown placed in the North-East of Italy, just at the border with ex-Yugoslavia. I remember that surreal mood in the hotel, watching with Glen  from the window to the soldiers marching at the border in that icy Autumn...

 The concert, in the wonderful Borgo Castello museum, was one of the best they played in Italy, thus Materiali Sonori decided to include in the celebrative CD of the festival ("All Frontiers", the title, edited as MASO CD 90026 in 1991) a very good rendition of "Live Ghosts". In that occasion, "Auditorium" magazine took an interview with Sweeney (read at

title: "Live Ghosts"(15:44)
composed by: G. Sweeney, M. Carter, P. Minns
recorded by: Claudio Zanin
performed by:
Glen Sweeney - hand drums
Mick Carter - synth guitar
Lyn Dobson - flute, soprano, vocals
Neil Black - electric violin

One of the few photos taken at the concert (by "Auditorium" magazine, 1990).

So if you don't want to buy the original record ( also with tunes by After Dinner, Art Molou, Harold Budd among the others, you can now download it at

[Note that the Gorizia concert was published later in two different editions ("Live", 1996, and on the second disc of "Hymn to the Sphynx", 2001) and a track from the gig ("Third Ear Raga") appeared as a bonus-track on "Magic Music" CD edition]. 

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