November 08, 2017

Paul Buckmaster passed away yesterday!

My friend Paul Buckmaster passed way just yesterday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 71... 
No words to say what I feel about this... 
We was in contact few weeks ago talking about the idea to reissue his beautiful "The Chitinous Ensemble"'s record... 
Genial Grammy Award-winning composer, arranger, conductor and producer, worldwide music looses a great artist, a wonderful person.  

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  1. Sad sad news: I recently realized that most of the music I loved in my life was produced (or played) by Paul. From the outside contribution to Bitches Brew (see The Miles Electric dvd) to the magnificent Music from Macbeth, passing through Quatermass, some fantastic Stomu Yamash'ta's releases and Shawn Phillips' early records... even the first album by Toni Esposito had some charm under his direction; in all those different recordings I heard the genius of arrangement and the brilliance of productions. He was a great musician, a humble human being and a unique creative force, always running away from stardom... for my generation he was constantly a source of inspiration.
    Music will always miss his talent.

    Alessandro Monti :: Unfolk Collective