October 05, 2020

If you want to hear the magic music...

Few days ago someone wrote on Facebook:

"If you want to hear the music of the spheres and listen to the vibrations of the planets, you must do it with the third ear or with silence. This is a "unique" piece... test pressing and cover proof and there is no other copy."


But also this one is a unique piece of that record: a non-plasticized cover proof with white inner sleeve  made by MASO just before the official pressing...

MASO gave one copy each to the musicians and one to me. On the front cover of mine, the Thirds left their signs. 

Lyn Dobson wrote: "Gracie per tutti Luca." Neil Black: "To Luca, the fifth Man." 

Photographed by Annette Jarve, at the time with Lucia Baldini the main graphic at MASO, this is a controversial cover. Glen didn't like it, even if all of us was conscious Annette tried to get a different, not stereotypical picture of Stonehenge. Nevertheless, anyway, the final result was not too satisfying.

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