May 18, 2019

Found in a book the xilography by Mario Balestreri.

Found in a book a few days ago, this is a postcard reproducing the original Mario Balestreri's xylography I used for the cover of "New Forecasts from the Third Ear Almanac", released in 1989 by A.D.N. of Milan.
Born in 1918 and passed away in 2006, Balestreri was a well-known artist in my town, Cremona, as a painter, incisor and writer.
Here below you can see two works by him and a picture of him in his studio:


From 1989 the original xilography, along with Balestreri's other ones, is hanging on my kitchen.

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  1. Ho la cassetta originale, un artwork suggestivo... e questa é una cucina di tutto rispetto: mi sembra di sentire già gli aromi in sottofondo!