April 16, 2019

Why "Hyde Park" was never recorded in the studio?

TEB fan Detlef wrote about the interview with Denny Bridges: "Hi and thanks for the interesting interview! I always loved the track "Hyde Park" that the TEB performed for German Beat Club TV programme in 1970. It is listed as a Denim Bridges original and I always wondered why it was never recorded in the studio. Any info on that?"

I've asked Denny. Today he replies: "Internal band politics. Glen went cool on adding vocals to the repertoire. I believe Paul Minns went along with that opinion at the time. Glen told me at the time "If I wanted to play folk songs I should be in another band". Ironic that we should have to later provide "Fleance's Song" for Macbeth. I really suspect it was a reaction to the opinion of some of the band that we maybe should add a rock drummer. Glen's compromise was to try adding the congas. That didn't last long. Then Macbeth happened and... back to basics. I have been over that before."

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