November 25, 2017

Ghetto Raga's founder THOMAS ZUNK contacted Ghettoraga Archive... soon here a piece about his connections with the TEB's music...

As probably you readers remember, in 2013 I wrote a short piece here after having  discovered a German band called Ghetto Raga existed ( ). Just few days ago, Ghetto Raga's founder Thomas Zunk contacted me just to thank for my attention...

"Hi Luca, 
thank you so much for your answer. I only came across your article a couple of months ago when I was googleing for "ghetto raga" to check what there is written about us in the net these days. 
I was delighted that you had taken notice of us. Just around that time in 2013 the last line-up of Ghetto Raga had disbanded! We were three then: me on hand drums and Theremin, Alex Ehlers on bass-guitar, oboe and english horn and Hoshiko Yamane on violin. Alex left town and Hoshiko then joined and is now famous with Tangerine Dream
Only since this summer 2017 I have gathered a new generation of musicians and I am very proud of the guys, they are outstanding soloists and improvisers. Note that the violinist, Lutz Wernicke, was also founding member of the very first line-up in 1997. Makes me very happy! The new Ghetto Raga will play its first concert in two weeks. We will do a tribute night in honour of Karlheinz Stockhausen to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his death. Dec 6. at Madstop84 in Berlin. 

                            Thomas with Ghetto Raga

Next spring I am organising three concerts for us in Berlin cinemas to play a new live soundtrack for Stanley Kubrick's amazing science-fiction film "2001: A Space Odyssey". A BIG thing. I did that with a different Ghetto Raga line-up (and also as a soloist) already in 2005! 
Luca, I alread started writing down the story of TEB and me, how I came to love them, why I called my band Ghetto Raga and how Glen Sweeney's hand drum playing opened my mind and influenced me. It'll take a few days, my friend, then I will send you the whole story! 
For now, maybe you like to check out my website: It contains my whole work, everything I did before that, during it and after Ghetto Raga. There you will also find a button for the site of Ghetto Raga:
A lot of material! 
You will find all infos from the past line-ups, photos and links to Soundcloud with numerous sites full of music of Ghetto Raga between 1993 (proto-GR) and 2013. The name Ghetto Raga first appears in 1997 and this means that I will celebrate 20 years of Ghetto Raga in December. I know you will like what you will see and hear! I will be back soon with my little story. Thank you!
Cheers from Berlin
herTZliche GRüße Thomas Zunk"
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