April 08, 2017

Glen Sweeney's tribute book finished, ready to be published.

My tribute-book to the art and genius of Glen Sweeney (and the Third Ear Band) is now finished and it's ready to be published.
Talent graphic Martin Cook (who made the last three TEB's cds for Gonzo) is working on it, full of pictures and stuff about the glorious Glen & TEB's history.
Just to give you a little taste of it, here below you can read a funny short memory from rock alternative musician Morgan Fisher (who played for a short period with the TEB in 1973) that is included on the book:

"My (probably record-breakingly) short stint as synth player with the Third Ear Band included just two radio shows and one concert, in the spring of 1973, before I was whisked off on a USA tour by Mott the Hoople. So I had little time to get to know the Band personally. Paul seemed rather distant and quiet, but Mike and Glen were open, chatty and friendly from the beginning. Nobody said it, but I assumed Glen was “in charge” as he visited my house in Finchley (north London) a couple of times to discuss their musical approach with me; it was always a real pleasure to sit and have a cuppa tea and a cozy chat with him. 

I was familiar with the Band’s recordings, and especially impressed that they had, two years before, made the music for (and even appeared in) Polanski’s “Macbeth.” While chatting on that subject, I asked Glen about the London premiere of the film - who was there, and how they dressed for the occasion. Were the Band expected to adhere to the usual tuxedo and black tie formula? 

Glen’s answer: “Yeah, man - would you believe they insisted we dress like that? So naturally I had to do something freaky as some sort of protest, right?” 

“Sure. What did you come up with?” 

“I dyed me hair bright green!” 

“Nice one, Glen! More tea?”

no©2017 Luca Chino Ferrari (unless you intend to make a profit. In which case, ask first)   


  1. I'm looking forward to this book a lot, thanks for the time and effort.

    1. thanks for your kind words, I hope this book will be interesting and amazing for you...

  2. Ciao Luca, ho trovato in rete un vecchio annuncio (inizio 1970) di un concerto della TEB con Nick Drake! Volevo mandartelo perché mi pare non ci sia sulla tua cronologia, ma ho perso la tua mail.. se me la vuoi ridare te lo invio, se no guarda la pagina facebook della TEB... Ho scaricato l'immagine da questo sito: http://www.uow.edu.au/~morgan/drake1.htm
    Un caro saluto

    1. Grazie Mirco per il trafiletto. L'avevo visto sul bellissimo libro recentemente editato dalla sorella di Drake e mi ero ripromesso di riprodurlo e scrivere un breve pezzo... Ma la memoria, a una certa età, gioca brutti scherzi... Scriverò qualcosa a breve, dopo aver approfondito la cosa... Grazie ancora.

  3. Have you seen this ?



    1. Yes, I've seen that and I've written to the guy who runs the blog. This concert wasn't so good and we (me and Gonzo Multimedia) think it's not so useful to publish it... Anyway, now everyone can listent to it...