June 28, 2016

TEB 1989 gig in Piacenza realised soon?

With my friend Francesco Paolo Paladino from Piacenza, an original film maker, musician and composer, I'm checking an old tape with the aim to realise the full gig TEB played at Circolo Tuxedo (Piacenza) in January 1989, as a day-off concert of the brief Italian second tour.
At the time, Francesco made a video recording of it and the first thing to do now is to transfer it into digital to realize if it has a good quality  for making a record.
As everyone knows the line-up at the time was: Glen Sweeney (hand drums), Mick Carter (electric guitars & electronics), Lyn Dobson (flute and saxes) and Ursula Smith (violin), in my opinion one of the best reformed TEB ever...
So cross the fingers and hope the tape is still in good condition... 

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