November 15, 2015

The new TEB's CD will be realised in February 2016.

The next TEB's record produced by Gonzo Multimedia (edited by Luca Ferrari) will be ready at the first months of next year, likely on February 2016.
Titled "EXORCISMS", it will show recordings from the 1988-1989 period, when the musicians involved was Glen Sweeney, Mick Carter, Ursula Smith, Lyn Dobson and Allen Samuel.
The art cover (as for the first two CDs) is by the great Martin Cook. Here below you can see a cover proof of the record based on a Cambodian devil mask...
no©2015 Luca Ferrari (unless you intend to make a profit. In which case, ask first)          


  1. A nice winter present...Complimenti Luca....
    PS Still waiting an answer from my previous message ;)

  2. I still have my personal recorded gig(on a portable Sony Walkman cassette) of them ,the 1st ever appearance after the 70' a club in Finsbury Park.PS. and pics too !

    1. Hi Zenlo,
      ho risposto al tuo precedente post tempo fa, probabilmente non l'hai letto... Anyway, thanks for the winter present, really appreciated.
      Any chance to have that recording at Finsbury Park (and the pics too) for this Archive or maybe for a proper release with Gonzo Multimedia?