March 21, 2015

Something about/around the Ear Band in the Net...

Surfing through the Internet I've found some little interesting things about the Thirds:

- this nice b/w poster printed by Blackhill Enterprises in 1970-71, posted by Michael Chapman (!) on the TEB Facebook's fans page at

- an almost complete radio programme dedicated to the Thirds aired by Canadian CKCU on March, 8th 2015 (read here);

-  a review about a record by Danish band Frisk Frugt with presumed references to TEB's music (catch it here);

- an interview with Legendary Pink Dots' Edward Ka-Spel with a reference to Our Holy Band ("that reminds me of Third Ear Band (a long term favourite of mine)…") just here;

- a well-done tribute to Mel Davis by Sammy Sten at "Something Else!" Web site (read it here).

Waiting for the new two CDs of the Ear Men, TEB is still on the Net!

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