January 16, 2015

New TEB albums update...

When in 2009, after two tours managed and a book written about the Band, I decided to set GhettoRaga Archive my first aim was to celebrate the art of one of my favourite bands ever and honour the life of two great musicians and friends - Glen Sweeney and Paul Minns, founder of the group, sadly passed way.
Then other deaths came - Ben Cartland, Mike Marchant, Mel Davis...loosing an important part of the memory.
One of the first project I had in my mind was to realise a CD with some unrealised tracks taken from personal archives, BBC radio recordings and other old stuff. The project, titled "The Dragon Wakes", was inspired by the third TEB's album announced in 1970, recorded in 1971 but never realised (electric guitarist Denim Bridges has still all the original (wondeful!) recordings at home but he has never made anything from it (why Denny?).

Now, thanks English label GonzoMultimedia on next Spring TEB's fans shall have some recordings from the past (all the National Balkan Ensemble's recordings, some other never realised tracks, the complete concert played by the band in Sarzana in 1989, now a rare collector's item...) on two different albums with liner notes edited by me.
Here's a cover proof designed by Martin Cook who has thought to the project as a set of two similar covers with different colours:

So stay awake and... keep in touch with GhettoRaga! 

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