September 15, 2014

Glen Sweeney talks about the TEB music on "Zigzag" # 4 (August 1969).

As we have seen, "Zigzag" magazine has often dedicated pages to the Third Ear Band. Below you can read an old article published on August 1969 with a rare reconstruction of the band's origins written by Glen Sweeney. Not a typical interview, or a review, or an article about music, but two pages with a writing by Sweeney himself!
Here he writes about his past in the jazz scene, the fundamental meeting with Dave Tomlin, the brief experience with the Hydrogen Jukebox and the idea to form the TEB. At the beginning, as we know well, they played "electric raga" with Clive Kingsley on guitar, then the instruments was stolen and the TEB became acoustic...
Apart these known historical references, very interesting is the evidence of Glen's clear counsciousness about the kind of music to play
"... Our numbers we refer to as ragas, though they are obviously not, and the alchemical thing, though it may seem to be, is not in the way we use it, a fantasy. The alchemists, far from just trying to make gold from other things, had this idea of doing the same experiment over and over for years, and somewhere, something would change. And we do this in music, and sometimes weird things happen".
Note in the same issue also an Harvest ad for "Alchemy" (& Edgar Brouthon Band's "Wasa Wasa") based on a picture of Stonehenge...


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