August 14, 2014

Alternative Blackhill ad for TEB second album on "Zigzag" magazine.

With a text taken from Paracelsus, Swiss doctor and alchemist of the fifteenth century, Blackhill Enterprises produced an ad for the second album published by Harvest in 1970. The ad, published on some magazines (as "IT") was used also for promoting the "Sun Wheel Ceremony" at the Royal Albert Hall (June 24th, 1970).
This page, thanks to Jon Limbert of Beatchapter, a real mine of rare music stuff (magazines, posters, vinyls, CDs...) on the Net, is taken from an old issue of "Zigzag" (# 13 - June/July 1970).

Here's the Paracelsus' words (that I could read...):
"Musica expells the ???   which belongs to witches and sorcerers and takes away the spirit afernoch which inspires all those melancholic sectarians who think they see heaven and the god therein. All these are diseases of the brain and of reason".

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