February 06, 2014

Other arguable quotation of music inspired by the Third Ear Band...

Just few days ago I've found another  arguable quotation of a recent track apparently inspired by the Third Ear Band: on an Italian Web magazine titled "Distorsioni", Ignazio Gulotta writes about a composition titled "Oh, I am stuck" performed by Norwegian band Susanna and Ensemble neoN (it's included on "The Forester", published in 2013) that "the sound of strings bring to the Third Ear Band"...
Listen this very interesting track  here and form an opinion about it.

Susanna & Ensemble neoN

Also in this occasion, my idea is that journalists/musicians/fans often use to quote the Third Ear Band as a reference or an inspiration for some artists' music  but... often there's no a trace of it.
Ignorance? Boasted credit? Naive ambition?
Difficult to say...

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